10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Meat

1. Factory farmed chickens, after processing, are soaked in water to “cool them down”. During this process, the chickens absorb water which increases their weight and therefore its selling price. This “water”, however, is so filled with filth it has been nicknamed “Fecal Soup”. So why does your chicken look so plump and tasty after a bath in fecal soup? It has been injected with colouring and broth. Yeah. Gross.
2. For every pound of shrimp harvested, 26 pounds of bycatch are killed, including over 145 different species, one of which is seahorses (which are already considered an endangered species.)
3. There are two different kinds of chickens that have been genetically modified for production purposes: broilers and layers. Broilers are made to grow twice as fast on half the feed an ordinary chicken would (which results in a lot of health issues). Layers are designed to lay more than double the eggs a chicken normally would. Male layer chicks are considered useless because 1. They don’t lay eggs, 2. They don’t grow nearly as fast as broilers, therefore they are tossed in large plastic bins and suffocate to death trampling each other or are thrown into macerators (picture a wood chipper. With a bunch of cute little yellow chicks going through it. Alive and fully conscious.)
4. The gene “swapping” and constant doses of antibiotics fed to factory farmed animals could lead to the creation of a virus as serious as bird flu with the contagiousness of the common cold. There have been a number of occurrences of this already, including H5N1 (which had authorities not reacted properly might have been a global pandemic) and more recently H1N1, also known as swine flu.
5. The waste from pigs, not just their shit but stillborn piglets, vomit, blood, afterbirths, body parts and more, are kept in lake-sized lagoons (hundreds per factory farm). This waste is so toxic you would die within seconds if you fell in. This waste leaks into the ground and into rivers and streams killing entire populations of fish. When the “lagoons” get overly full, the shit is sprayed across fields, and sometimes even INTO THE AIR.
6. Piglets get their tails cut off and teeth pulled out at birth without any kind of anesthetic. To make matters worse, most of these piglets are born with deformities including inverted nipples, hermaphroditism, cleft palate, splayed legs, NO ANUS, tremors and hernias.
7. “Free-Range” means that the animal you are eating had access to the outdoors. Through a tiny door in a huge overcrowded pen of sorts. That door is locked most of the time.
8. Animal agriculture makes a 40% greater contribution to global warming than all transportation in the world COMBINED.
9. Vegetarians and vegans tend to have more optimal protein consumption than omnivores. Not only that, but by not consuming animal products, a vegan contributes seven times less than than an omnivore to greenhouse gases. That’s how bad these farms are.
10. Factory farm meat is guaranteed to come from a very unhealthy animal. Factory farms provide over 99% of the meat consumed in America.

Source: Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Foer

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    1. Factory farmed chickens, after processing, are soaked in water to “cool them down”. During this process, the chickens...
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